How to use your food in your beauty


We probably all read about all those diy masks, creams or serums, made from starch only with products in your fridge. I don't know what can be found in people's fridges but in mine I can't find at least all at once, fresh cinnamon, honey, apple cider vinegar, papaya, eggs that I don't want to eat and strawberries. So in my case going for food shopping ust to prepare a home made mask is a counter-sense.

However food, and it's vitamins are actually good if incorporated from time to time in a beauty routine. Here I will write about all the little shrewdnesses that you can remember easily and will help in a second to score in the beauty game.

  • In the baby section at the drugstore you'll find sweet almond oil, for a ridiculously low price. Use it for hands and skin moisturizer after a shower or for complete hair and body masks before the shower (to be left 30min on the skin and hair). Still keep in mind that it is an oil, so even though it is beneficial for those with dry and normal skin it is not great for oily ones. But you'll see that once you start using it you won't look back. You can also do as Sophia Loren does, and pour a big spoon full of olive oil in the water of your bath tube.
  • Before throwing away a juiced lemon rub it on your finger nails, it will strengthen and brighten them
  • New shoes can be slippery, but you can rub half a raw potato on them to avoid any problems.
  • If you happen to have brewer's yeast at home to make bread or food you can sprinkle some on a salad as an alternative to salt, it strengthens your hair and nails and helps overall the skin
  • Two slices of cucumber over the eyes help them de-puff and moisturize them, while you get a few minutes of relax
These are just a few tips, but all of them an be applied whenever you happen to have these ingredients at home without having to sacrifice them for your beauty, but more use them as a by-product of your cooking.

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